Heart of the Father


Adam was the first man, the first husband, the first father, but also the first son. It was created by God Genesis 1:27 « created in the image of God ».

And he looks like God, he is the image of God.

You too were created in the image of God. Adam had God as his father just as you have God the Father as your father.

Psalm 139:16

« When I was just a formless mass, your eyes saw me… »

When you were very young in your mother’s womb, God the father had his loving gaze on you.

God wants to be a father to you, just as he was to Adam. Receive his love.




« I thank you Father for imagining my birth, thank you for the life you have given me. Help me to know you better every day and make you my father. I love you »


Application: The father loves me

1- Show a mirror to the children

2- Children should look in the mirror and say this

« I am the daughter/son of God the Father, God is my father and he loves me »


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