If you want to spend more time talking about what you learned, here’s a place to start.


  • God put Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden to “work it and keep it.” What do you think that meant? God trusted them to take care of his amazing creation! He wanted them to enjoy it. When you think about God’s creation, what are ways you can take care of it? What are ways we enjoy God’s creation as a family?
  • When Adam and Eve chose to sin and had to leave the Garden of Eden, how do you think they felt?


Additional Prayer:

Developing a weekly or daily rhythm of prayer with your children can be a powerful thing for them and for you as well. Prayer is a time to be quiet to talk with God, to thankfully reflect on what he has given to you, and to ask for His presence and help where you may need him, and to lift up other friends and family who may need him too. Here are few ideas for praying together as a family.

Dear God,

We praise you for your wonderful creation!

Especially we thank you for …


  • The miracle of life and the loving people in our lives
  • The beauty that surrounds us every day, from the flowers and the trees and that you love us so much you have given us the privilege of caring for your creation
  • The gifts of the earth – the water, the sunshine, the mountains, the oceans, and all the plants and animals


We ask you, God, to …


  • Show us ways we can be good caretakers of your world and your people
  • Be with our teachers from school as they rest this summer
  • Help and heal those who cannot go to school and learn because they are sick (Do you know anyone who is sick who needs prayer?)


Connecting as a Family

Take time to reflect on your day, asking each member of the family to answer these questions. How do the answers shape your prayers?


  • What did you feel good about today?
  • Did anything difficult happen or cause you to feel disappointed?


Pray as a family.




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